-"... it's easy, just learn all the good drum grooves from the history of modern music*"

So, i'm a musician and drum teacher and it dawned on me that most of my students need more drummer repertoire. I started telling them that they absolutely need to know some particular grooves.
I began to compile grooves that I thought were essential for all drummers. I asked friends and after adding 20, 30 then 40 grooves, I realized that I could be going on for ever and ever and everever...;)
Therefore, this is an ongoing project!
So, of course, some of you will feel that there are missing grooves, missing drummers, missing styles, etc...sure! This project is for my students (and myself, I actually learned a lot doing it), take whatever you want, add yours, and be sure to pass it along.
I'm going to keep working on it, so if you want to send me ideas, use   or 

By the way, is a great tool to gather credits on albums.

*modern music : music with drums of course 😉